Simple Tips to Improve Your Gas Mileage

Improving your gas mileage means savings you can take to the bank. There are many simple techniques that allow you to keep costs low. While many people think that getting the best price at the pump is the only way to keep costs low, there are so many practical tips to improve fuel economy that shouldn’t go ignored. Take a look below to discover a few simple ways to improve gas mileage and save cash!

How do You Drive?

The way that you drive affects the gas mileage and fuel that you receive.  Although we may not like rules, they’re in place for a reason. Follow all of the laws in place for driving to reduce accident risks and the risk of tickets.

Slow Down

fuel economy

So many avoidable accidents occur simply because of speed. Slow down and give yourself a little extra time to get where you are going. Just because there is an open road ahead doesn’t mean it is an excuse to travel at high rates of speed and endangered notes -or waste more fuel than need be.

A/C Information

So many drivers think rolling down the windows is better than turning on the A/C but this is not always the situation.  The A/C stresses the motor, which causes it to use more fuel. But, traveling with the windows open causes drag on the vehicle, which also reduces fuel capacity. Use the A/C on the highway/freeway and roll down the windows when driving in the city.

A Weight of the Matter

If you carry around unnecessary items in the car, you are going to burn more fuel. For every 100 pounds added to the car, you lose 1% – 2% fuel practically. So, pick a day to unpack the car and get back your improved gas mileage.